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As the coronavirus literally shaking the entire world, the crisis is also hitting the economy and lives of people in Bangladesh hard. The situation in Bangladesh remains highly vulnerable as hundreds of thousands of people are at high risk of the disease spread. In the lockdown situation, people are feeling fear, tension, with no income, employment and restricted mobility. The poor and needy people are suffering the most.

In this current climate, the Rohingya Refugees at the camp are even at a greater risk- overcrowding, lack of sanitation, awareness, minimum medical attention makes them highly vulnerable.

In collaboration with BASMAH USA has come forward to help the people of Bangladesh with emergency aid and food assistance. BASMAH is providing safety items- masks, soaps, gloves, sanitizers for the people, protective equipment-PPE for the front-line service providers. A good amount of PPE has been handed over to the Honorable Home Minister of Bangladesh for the Police Force who are performing a noble duty of serving the nation in this difficult time. Also, adequate amount of PPE has been handed over to the government authority for distribution to the health service providers who are serving people risking their own safety. BASMAH is also providing food assistance to the struggling families comprising of rice and lentils to alleviate their suffering.

At the Rohingya refugees camp in Teknaf Cox’s bazar, BASMAH medical team is working hard- more than 15 hours shift daily and reaching out to the refugees with awareness messages, distributing soaps, masks, providing urgent medical care, free medicines and health advice.

We just pray and want to help stop the spread of COVID-19 before it gets much worse. Please pray for BASMAH for more ability to serve the humanity in need of assistance. With your Dowa and support BASMAH can do a lot and go a long way InshaAllah. BASMAH is also providing emergency food assistance to the affected Muslim brothers in the USA. Every little help counts. Please continue your support for BASMAH.

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