Project Description

MEDICAL CAMP 4 – Camp No 13, Block No A-6 Thaingkhali, Barmapara, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

The Rohingya refugees had very limited access to health care in Myanmar, and the majority did not receive routine vaccinations. This makes them highly vulnerable to preventable diseases. The lack of clean water and sanitation is especially dangerous. The conditions the Rohingya are living in greatly increase the probability of disease outbreaks like cholera, diphtheria, which would threaten thousands of lives.

We in collaboration with Basmah Foundation is constructing a medical camp at Camp No 13, Block No A-6 Thaingkhali, Barmapara,in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh.

Volunteers from our partner organization Basmah Foundation (Government of Bangladesh NGO Affairs Bureau Registration Number – 3160) help in running day-to-day operations of this medical Centre. This project and all services offered at this medical Centre is approved by Government of Bangladesh NGO Affairs Bureau (Approval Number – 03.07.2666.662.68.156.18.)


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