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The Rohingya Muslims of Burma (Myanmar) are considered one of the most persecuted groups of people in the world. More than 1.3 million of them have fled to Bangladesh as refugees because of the ethnic cleansing occurring in their country. These refugees do not have access to medical care, constant food supply, or shelter

On a monthly basis we facilitate medical aid to children and adults in the camps. With enough resources we could also feed and offer temporary shelters for these individuals. We provide regular relief to them and aim to be able to provide for all their needs.

In collaboration with Basmah Foundation we have established 6 Children Learning Centers and 6 Medical Camps spread out within the Refugee camps of Cox Bazaar, Bangladesh. The children care center educates more than 300 children and we have plans to expand and take in even more helpless children. Medical camp provides primary care, emergency care, distributing medicines, offering health advice, and so much more. Every week more than 700 patients are attended by doctors at the medical camps. Other projects we have implemented to aid refugees include the distribution of blankets, food, mosquito nets, cooking pots, and other aid. We have also installed many tube-well pumps to provide clean and uncontaminated water to refugees within the camp. 

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